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Mortgage insurance in Ontario

Day to day, there’s nothing that offers you peace of mind like knowing your loved ones are protected, which is likely why you’ve been looking for mortgage insurance in Ontario. Backed by over 70 years of experience, The Co-operators is here to offer the great services you need, like Mortgage Guard® and more. In fact, we’ve insured over two million clients across the country, and we’re ready to help you too—contact The Co-operators today!

Protection That's Reliable

If you’ve been looking for mortgage insurance in Ontario, but have found that typical plans offered by banks fall short, then we’re glad that you found The Co-operators. That’s because amongst our many comprehensive services you’ll find Mortgage Guard®, a flexible policy that will not only provide your loved ones protection, but will also offer you ample peace of mind. Unlike traditional plans offered by banks, Mortgage Guard® protects more than just the money you owe: it offers term life insurance and optional critical illness protection and disability benefits in one convenient and flexible plan.

When you opt for Mortgage Guard® with The Co-operators, you’re choosing to ensure your loved ones are taken care of – not the bank—should the unthinkable happen. So, whether money is needed to pay the mortgage, to maintain quality of life or to invest, funds can be used as they choose. Set you and your family up with the necessary protection: choose Mortgage Guard® today.

Having Mortgage Guard® means: 
  • Your premium rate is always fixed and guaranteed for the entire term of the policy 
  • Freely convert your policy to a permanent insurance plan 
  • Keep your policy in effect even when switching lenders 
  • Only you have the power to cancel it
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