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Liability insurance in Northwest Territories

If you're seeking liability insurance in Northwest Territories, the first step is to speak to your local Insurance Advisor at The Co-operators. We appreciate that businesses face risk – regardless of the industry in which they operate – so we're proud to provide policies that can be customized to fit your particular company. After all, protecting your business means you enjoy peace of mind and you can focus on doing what you do best.

How The Co-operators Can Protect Your Business

General liability insurance protects businesses when they're deemed to be legally responsible for property damage or personal injuries. In addition to accidents on your company's premises, this also covers events at customer locations and injuries or damage resulting from the use of your products. Overall, there are four main types of claim that are covered by our General Third-Party Liability: personal injury including slander or libel; medical expenses; bodily injury resulting in actual physical damage or loss; and property damage or loss.

Defending against litigation can be expensive, but liability insurance is designed to ensure cost-effective protection against legal proceedings. In the event that you have to cover damages — whether it's compensation, settlement charges or legal fees — you can rest assured that The Co-operators will provide funds up to the amount of your policy limits. Find out how you can cover your business, your employers and even your directors: speak to your local Insurance Advisor in Northwest Territories today.

Coverage can include: 
  • Liability from use of Non-Owned Automobiles 
  • Advertising Injury Liability 
  • Tenants Legal Liability
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