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Critical illness insurance in Manitoba

The choice for critical illness insurance in Manitoba is really about protecting what you value most! At The Co-operators, we provide the right amount of protection, and reliable customer care that you can always count on. Count on The Co-operators for the right balance of proper protection and price. Learn more about our critical illness insurance in Manitoba now!

What sets us apart?

Critical illness coverage is important. In fact, it has the potential to directly affect not only your quality of life, but your family’s too. . So when you’re comparing quotes online, you should look beyond the cost and make sure you understand what is included in your critical illness coverage. We offer exceptional customer care and expert advice through our network of advisors in Manitoba and beyond. You can also expect us to always prioritize the needs of our members and communities—after all, we've been a co-operative for more than 70 years!

You can count on The Co-operators

The Co-operators provide a suite of reliable investment options and high quality insurance products including critical illness insurance in Manitoba. You can expect to receive coverage that has been tailored with your specific needs in mind, along with customer care from agents who will be there for you if ever an emergency arises or to answer any questions you might have. You can rely on The Co-operators for critical illness insurance in Manitoba that provides the full protection you need.

Protecting families and individuals with reliable products, such as our critical illness insurance in Manitoba, is what The Co-operators do best—and we've been doing just that, across Canada, for over 70 years. We get to know our customers and approach each situation with fairness and courtesy. So, when you choose The Co-operators, you can expect to receive quality coverage tailor-made to suit your way of life. We realize that Manitoba is brimming with individuality, which means the products and services you receive should be just as varied. We're a 100% Canadian insurance provider who understands what it means to be a part of this unique and diverse province. Contact The Co-operators today and you'll see that our critical illness insurance in Manitoba can deliver exactly what you've been searching for.

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