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A Variable Annuity in Fort MacLeod, AB-- Ensure a strong financial future!

Investing can be a bit intimidating to some, and that's why it pays to have courteous help when you have questions about a variable annuity in Fort MacLeod. When making a decision about something as important as a variable annuity, it's important to obtain as much reliable information as possible, before taking action. We’ll provide a fast, no-obligation quote that details what you can expect from our personalized insurance coverage. Get your specific questions answered by the professionals at The Co-operators. Speak with a Financial Advisor today!

For financial peace of mind

When you choose a variable annuity in Fort MacLeod as an investment, you enter into a contract with a financial institution, like The Co-operators, which will make payments to you after retirement; acting as a steady income stream. Your other investments in Fort MacLeod can go hand-in-hand with other aspects of your portfolio. Simply talk to The Co-operators today for more information. Put your trust in the name Canadians rely on -- The Co-operators.

We provide a range of options for investors in Fort MacLeod -- Single Life Annuity, Joint Life, Last Survivor Life Annuity and Life Annuity with a Guarantee. A Single Life Annuity option is for single investors with no dependents, Last Survivor and the Joint Life Annuity are tailored for couples, and Life Annuity with a Guarantee is available to everyone.

The Co-operators has Financial Advisors in Fort MacLeod available to answer any questions you may have about investments or insurance in Fort MacLeod. Contact us today and let us provide more detailed personalized information about a variable annuity in Fort MacLeod.

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  • Joint Life Annuity
  • Life Guarantee Annuity
  • RRIF
  • RRSP
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Investing in Families, by Ensuring a Greener Future

As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in balancing our economic, environmental and social priorities. In fact, The Co-operators was recently recognized in Hewitt Associate's Green 30 guide, which identified Canada's 30 most environmentally-conscious employers. Talk to The Co-operators today about a variable annuity in Fort MacLeod AND about what we're doing to help the environment.

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